Solar Water Heater Rebates

Solar Water Heater Rebate


Download the solar water heater rebate application

The application includes a checklist of items you will need to receive a rebate.

Solar water heating is a simple, efficient, and affordable technology that can cut water heating costs by 50 – 80%.  A family of four generally needs two 4’ X 8’ collector panels connected to an 80 gallon storage tank.  The insulated tank holds the hot water until you need it.  It requires little maintenance and helps create a sustainable environment with less dependency on energy created from fossil fuels.

There is an $800 rebate for a natural gas water heating customer to convert to a solar electric water heating system. All electric customers can receive a $400 rebate for the installation of a solar water heating system and are eligible for a low-interest Solar Energy Loan.


  • This program is available to all Columbia Water & Light electric customers
  • Rebates are offered to customers who install solar domestic water heating systems (DWH) that annually provide 50% (or more) yearly energy use from the sun and use electric resistance heating as the back-up energy source
  • All systems must be OG 300 certified by SRCC
  • Rebates must be applied for in advance of equipment installation and must receive written approval from Columbia Water & Light as a pre-condition to receiving a rebate offer
  • Columbia Water & Light reserves the right to inspect a project prior to installation and after installation is completed
  • Customer agrees to exclusively grant Columbia Water & Light the right to use all renewable energy attributes arising from the solar DHW system
  • Standard rebate offer for customers already using electric DHW systems is $400
  • For customers not using electric as their existing DHW system the standard rebate offer is $800. Solar storage tank must have electric element installed and be connected to an electric circuit. Storage tank must also be first in series plumbing
  • Solar systems must be new and OG 300 certified as tested by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC)
  • Equipment must be warranted for a minimum period of five years. Customers are required to maintain system in working order for a period of five years (or risk a prorated reimbursement)
  • Projects must receive all applicable permits from the City of Columbia and meet all applicable codes
  • Rebate application includes: Project description; SRCC certification and warranty
  • Post installation requires a copy of City of Columbia permit(s) and paid receipt of contractor


  • Customer files a Solar Water Heater Application with Columbia Water & Light
  • Columbia Water & Light inspects property prior to installation (verifies preexisting energy source)
  • Customer receives letter with the rebate offer
  • Customer completes installation and notifies Columbia Water & Light
  • Columbia Water & Light inspects completed project and all needed documentation
  • Columbia Water & Light authorizes payment as approved and check is sent to the customer