Solar Energy System Rebates and Net Metering


Columbia Water & Light provides rebates based on the overall capacity of a PV system (kW) as well as its energy production (kWh) during “peak” times. Peak times are periods of high system demand when electricity is most expensive for Water & Light to provide to its customers and normally occur on hot summer afternoons and evenings. The utility provides a premium rebate for PV systems designed to perform best during peak periods using azimuth, tilt and shading as determining factors. Net Metering Agreements and Rebate applications must be submitted by a Water & Light approved PV Installation Contractor. 

PLEASE NOTE: The rebate paid for a PV system is based on the total capacity(kW) and modeled energy production at the utility peak (kWh). Water & Light will only provide a rebate for the capacity needed to meet up to 100% of the customer’s annual consumption. Annual consumption is an average of the most recent 3 years consumption at the installation location.  Systems with a tilt greater than 10 degrees from horizontal and azimuths ranging from 0 – 110 and 320 – 0 are not eligible for rebates. However, these systems are eligible for interconnection and net metering.

Columbia Water & Light has recently updated the PV rebate structure, application process and deadlines. Please review complete guidelines for changes.

PV Rebate guidelines

Interconnection and Net Metering Application

Net Metering

The value of the excess electricity generated by the solar energy system and delivered to Columbia Water & Light, will be credited to the customer’s account at their current applicable electric rate. This arrangement offers the customer more than what the Missouri Statutes for net metering require. An Interconnection & Net Metering Agreement must be approved by the utility for the customer to receive a credit for the excess energy they generate. The utility retains the renewable energy credits (RECs) for the project. Customers choosing to retain the RECs for their solar energy system will receive credit for the excess energy based on the avoided average energy market price at the Columbia pricing node.

Columbia Water & Light reserves the right to reject interconnection of PV systems not meeting the net metering or rebate program parameters.