Attic Plus Program

Attic Plus

Qualified Columbia Water & Light residential customers participating in the Attic Plus program can be eligible for the following rebates up to $450, and duct insulation up to $300.*Print

Participation in Attic Plus does not qualify for Home Performance with Energy Star rebates, incentives, assessment incentive or loans.



  • Home Performance rebates and loans are only available for qualified Columbia Water & Light  or Boone Electric customers- Landlords, property owners and tenants may qualify
  • Duplexes, triplexes, multi-family properties, condos and townhouses with accessible attics are eligible provided:
    • attic space is less than 900 square feet
    • home is at least 1 year old
  • Each location is eligible for the Attic Plus once every 10 years
  • Work must be performed by one of our approved contractors


Rebates for the Attic Plus program are performance-based.

less than R-261 cent/R/sq ft
more than R-261/2 cent/R/ sq ft

For more information, please review our Policy and Procedure or call (573) 441-5528.

You may also download an Attic Plus application form here.

*Duct insulation is prorated by the percentage of the home’s total system(s) located outside the building envelop.