Air Conditioners/Heat Pumps

Air Conditioner – Air Source Heat Pump Rebate

Fan AC artwork: Audrey Guess

By Audrey Guess (Columbia Youth Teaching Efficiency winner)

Heating and cooling make up the biggest expense in your household energy budget. If your cooling system is older than 10 years, you have frequent service problems and/or you see your utility bills going up, it is time to consider installing a new unit. Install a more efficient system and get a rebate from $50 to $1,600.

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For Ground Source Heat Pump Systems, please refer to our Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate page.

Participation Steps

  • Complete the Air Conditioner/Air Source Heat Pump Rebate application. The application includes a checklist of items you will need to receive a rebate. Please note, you can fill out the form using your computer but you must print it and sign the form before submitting it.
  • A copy of the final mechanical permit from the Building/Site Development division of the Community Development Department is required.
  • A copy of the paid receipt must list the model numbers for the condenser, the matched evaporator coil, the expansion valve and any additional installed equipment as listed in the AHRI Directory.
  • The rebate application form and receipts must be submitted to Columbia Water & Light within six months of the air conditioner unit’s installation.  Incomplete or incorrect applications will have thirty days to provide the correct information or risk losing their place in the rebate funding process.
  • Rebates are offered on a first come, first served basis to electric customers as funding is available each fiscal year. Columbia Water & Light reserves the right to inspect the installed equipment before the rebate payment is issued.
  • Columbia Water & Light reserves the right to deny a rebate for a unit that is oversized for a building.

**NOTE** Check the AHRI Directory for SEER rating confirmation before completing the purchase of a new unit. Sometimes the manufacturer’s SEER rating can be rated higher than the unit can actually perform.

Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Rebate Chart

Columbia Water & Light wants to pay you back for your increased energy efficiency. Due to the increased costs of higher SEER units, the amount of the rebate offered to you also goes up.

Air ConditionerHeat Pump1 TON1.5 TON2 TON2.5 TON3 TON3.5 TON4 TON5 TON
SEER 14no rebate$50$75$100$100$100$150$200$300
SEER 14.5no rebate$75$125$150$175$200$250$300$450
SEER 15SEER 15$100$150$200$250$300$350$400$600
SEER 15SEER 15$125$175$250$325$400$450$500$700
SEER 16SEER 16$150$225$300$400$500$550$600$800
SEER 16.5SEER 16.5$175$250$350$450$550$625$700$900
SEER 17SEER 17$200$300$400$500$600$700$800$1,000
SEER 17.5SEER 17.5$225$325$450$550$650$775$900$1,100
SEER 18SEER 18$250$375$500$600$700$850$1,000$1,200
SEER 18.5SEER 18.5$275$400$550$650$750$900$1,050$1,300
SEER 19SEER 19$300$450$600$700$800$950$1,100$1,400
SEER 19.5SEER 19.5$325$475$650$750$850$1,000$1,150$1,500
SEER 20SEER 20$350$500$700$800$900$1,050$1,200$1,600