Commercial AC/Heat Pump Rebates

Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Rebate


If your cooling system is older than 10 years, you have frequent service problems and/or you see your utility bills going up, it is time to consider installing a new unit. Upgrading to a more efficient air conditioning unit can substantially reduce your cooling costs.

Our commercial rebates range from $570 to $3,010 depending on the size and the efficiency rating of the unit. (see residential efficiency rebate information for smaller systems) Both owners of commercial buildings and/or the tenants that lease the commercial spaces are eligible for our commercial rebate program. All commercial and industrial customer classifications are eligible. Due to the increased costs of higher efficiency units, the amount of the rebate offered to you goes up with a more efficient unit. Units that are sized for commercial use go by the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) system.

DUCTWORK: A heating and cooling system ductwork inspection will be completed by Columbia Water & Light before the rebate is issued. We want to insure that all supply and return vents that are visually accessible are properly connected. It is commonly found that ductwork has been disconnected which creates obvious inefficiency problems.

HVAC Rebate Chart

11 EER11.2 EER11.4 EER11.6 EER11.8 EER12 EER12.2 EER12.4 EER
6 tons$570$660$750$830$910$980$1060$1130
7 tons$675$775$875$965$1055$1145$1235$1315
8 tons$770$880$1000$1100$1210$1310$1410$1500
9 tons$865$995$1125$1245$1365$1475$1585$1695
10 tons$960$1110$1250$1380$1510$1640$1760$1880
11 tons$1055$1215$1375$1525$1665$1805$1935$2065
12 tons$1150$1330$1500$1660$1820$1970$2120$2260
13 tons$1245$1435$1625$1795$1965$2135$2295$2445
14 tons$1350$1550$1750$1940$2120$2300$2470$2640
15 tons$1445$1665$1875$2075$2275$2465$2645$2825
16 tons$1540$1770$2000$2210$2420$2630$2820$3010
17 tons$1635$1885$2125$2355$2575$2795$2995$3205
18 tons$1730$1990$2250$2490$2730$2960$3180$3390
19 tons$1825$2105$2375$2635$2875$3115$3355$3575
20 tons$1930$2220$25002770$3030$3280$3530$3770

These rebates are for prepackaged & split systems. For systems smaller than 6 tons, please refer to our residential efficiency rebate information for HVAC systems.

For Ground Source Heat Pump Systems, please refer to our Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate page.


  • Electric customers on the commercial/industrial rate structure
  • Incentives are available to a property owner or customer of active, non-delinquent account
  • Rebates are only available for HVAC replacements
  • Columbia Water & Light must Pre-approve all new systems. Please submit a commercial HVAC rebate application.
  • All work must be done by licensed HVAC contractor
  • Applicant must provide copy of invoice and duct inspection prior to the rebate being awarded
  • Rebates are awarded on a first-come first-serve basis while funds are available
  • Columbia Water & Light is not responsible for equipment performance including energy savings or other warranties or guarantees, either expressed or implied
  • Columbia Water & Light reserves the right to adjust rebate awards or otherwise amend or discontinue program without notice