Motors and Drives Program

Join Columbia Water & Light in efforts to reduce our electric costs by being paid to increase your motor efficiency. By upgrading to new, more efficient equipment, you can achieve significant reductions to your energy usage and receive a rebate to help cover upgrade costs.

The Motor and Drive Incentive program provides an alternative to the purchase of wholesale electric power by purchasing efficiency from our customers. Columbia Water & light is willing to “buy” motor and drive efficiency by paying customers a rebate. Motor efficiency will save your company money through reduced energy use but it will also improve the reliability of the motor driven equipment. Premium efficiency motors are manufactured to a higher standard so they run cooler, last longer, and reduce downtime.

Program Participation Requirements
  • The motor and drive system must be new and operational during the Peak Hours 3:00 pm- 8:00 pm with a minimum of 2000 hours per year.
  • CW&L must pre-approve M&D equipment in order to be eligible for rebates (see application).
  • Electric customers must be on the commercial/industrial rate structure.
  • Incentives are available to a property owner or customer with an active, non- delinquent electric account.
  • Rebates are only available for prescriptive M&D equipment.
  • Applicant must provide copy of invoice prior to the rebate being awarded.
  • Rebates are awarded on a first-come first-seved basis while funds are available.
  • CW&L is not responsible for equipment performance including energy savings or other warranties or guarantees, either expressed or implied.
  • CW&L reserves the right to adjust rebate awards or otherwise amend or discontinue program without notice.
Program Parameters
  • Motors meeting or exceeding the NEMA Nominal Efficiencies below are eligible for incentives.
  • Motors must be new, three phase, induction motors, NEMA design A & B, 1-25 HP, Open Drip Proof (ODP) or Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) any speed [RPM]. Motors between 25-200 HP will be eligible for a $130 rebate; motors greater than 200 HP are also eligible for $130 rebate.
  • Rebate requires proof of destruction of old motors.
Prescriptive Rebate Amounts
Motor HP NEMA Nominal Full Load Eff. TEFC Incentive per Motor
1 85.5% 85.5% $50
1.5 86.6% 86.5% $50
2 86.5% 86.5% $60
3 89.5% 89.5% $60
5 89.5% 89.5% $60
7.5 91% 91.7% $90
10 91.7% 91.7% $100
15 93% 92.4% $115
20 93% 93% $125
>25 93.6% 93.6% $130
Prescriptive variable speed drive rebates

(VSDs on HVAC chillers, fans and pumps only):


Rebate Amount

1-3 $200
3.5-5 $300
5.5-10 $400
10.5-15 $500
15.5-20 $600
20.5-30 $700
30.5-50 $800
50.5-99 $900
>100-200 $1000