Commercial Programs

Commercial Programs

At the end of the day, commercial users have one thing in common: They need a reliable energy partner who will work with them to keep electric rates affordable. Columbia Water & Light provides incentives for you to be energy efficient because it is good for our community.  You can reduce your utility bills and help the environment.  For the utility, lowering your demand means we purchase less wholesale energy power costs which helps your electric rates stay low.

Columbia Water & Light offers a variety of programs and incentives to help save money and energy. Click below for more information about each of our commercial energy efficiency programs:

Lighting Incentive Program

By taking advantage of our Lighting Incentive program you can achieve significant reductions to your energy usage and receive a rebate to help cover lighting upgrades.

Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Rebates

Our commercial rebates range from $570 to $3,010 depending on the size and the efficiency rating of the unit.

Commercial Energy Efficiency Loans

Make energy efficient improvements now and start saving on your utility bills today with our Super Saver Loan program. We offer loans for a variety of upgrades.

Load Shedding

The purpose of the Load Shedding Program is to reduce Columbia’s peak demand through voluntary curtailment of loads at the customer level during peak afternoon periods. Participation in the Load Shedding program is open to all commercial and industrial customers who have demand levels of 250 kilowatts (kW) or higher during any month between June and September.

Inspection Services

Columbia Water & Light provides inspection services to our commercial customers to help identify opportunities to be more energy efficient. Services include Infrared Thermography and Compressed Air Leak Detection.

Tree Power

The Tree Power program promotes energy conservation through energy-efficient landscaping. When you sign up for the program, Columbia Water & Light will provide a free shade tree and visit your property to make a recommendation about the best place to plant your tree.