You and Columbia Water & Light, a Powerful Partnership

Columbia Water & Light encourages the efficient use of electricity and water because it can make a big difference for all of us. For you, the immediate benefit is that your building is more comfortable and you can save money. For the utility, the energy you save is energy we don’t have to produce. Energy efficiency keeps our rates low by lowering our expenses.


houseThe biggest part of your energy budget goes to heating and cooling your home. Our programs can make a real difference in your utility costs with rebates for heating & cooling equipment, insulation, sealing air leaks and replacing windows and doors.


cityProtect the bottom line of your business by lowering your utility expenses. We can help you find the energy efficiency improvements with the best cost/benefit ratio. We offer rebates and financing for a number of projects including upgrading your lighting and your heating and cooling system. We’ll make it easy for you to start saving!


sunInterested in producing your own renewable power? We offer rebates and low-interest loans to finance your project. Plus we will purchase excess energy from you with a net metering arrangement.

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Looking for a more comfortable home on hot days? Review our tips and consult our Conservation Tips videos to do the project yourself.

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